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The Ride – NY to Asheville, NC

Hi everyone, this is White. I’m going to be writing these reports on the website from here on out (unless otherwise specified). Black will be managing the facebook page. Onward!

We left home again on August 4 around noon and rode south into PA. We decided to go to Cabela’s when we got close. I purchased a Sea to Summit Drylite towel. We stopped at Red Robin for some hamburgers in Hamburg.20140804_192003 After dinner we searched for a place to stay. I had discovered during our time back at the house but, there wasn’t anything listed that was close enough. We found a hotel around Hershey.

Rode to Luray Caverns.wpid-img957135.jpg wpid-img956870.jpg wpid-img958733.jpg Left the caverns and headed for Skyline Drive.wpid-20140805_172409.jpg wpid-20140805_193658.jpg wpid-20140805_194357.jpg We stopped at Loft Mountain Campground, got set up, and settled in for the night. First camp dinner:20140805_215231

Packed up and continued to the end of Skyline Drive and began down the Blue Ridge Parkway.wpid-20140806_172231.jpg wpid-20140806_203916.jpg Arrived in Roanoke, VA. Found a hotel. Ramen noodles for dinner.

Breakfast at the Waffle House on Thirlane Rd. Awesome staff and service. We found this hilarious:20140808_120422 Met with some riders of the Clansmen from Ontario in the parking lot and spoke with them for a bit. They told us about having been chased by a herd of buffalo when out west. Crazy shit. We got back on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed south. We stopped at the Blue Ridge Music Center:20140808_16423120140808_16335420140808_154839 There were quite a few old instruments on display. Of them, I spotted this nifty violin.20140808_160036 20140808_160055 We spoke with a couple of older guys that used to ride. They each gave us some pointers and some destinations. Continued south and crossed into North Carolina.¬†Stopped at Elk Mountain Overlook.20140808_191042 20140808_185318 Met a dude named Greg and talked a little. He needed gas and we were low as well. We had been told by a couple on a cruiser that we could find gas at the next exit. Greg headed off to find said gasahol. Shortly thereafter we went in search of the fuel as well. We did not find the fuel but, we found Greg again. Together we drove around for about 15 mins looking for this supposed gas station. We stopped and determined that the nearest bike food was in Boone and headed that way. After finding fuel, Greg directed us to Julian Price Memorial campground. We got set up and cooked dinner while we shared Greg’s rum. Dinner:20140808_222213 Greg is the founder of the band Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers and an interesting dude. It was awesome meeting him. Sleep.

We packed up and took a couple pics:20140809_093223 This one came out a bit dark :(P1070049 It was starting to rain as we were preparing to leave. We put on our rain gear and rolled out. We rode north to get back to where we had left the parkway for gas the day before. Gotta ride 100%! Elk Mountain Overlook in the fog:wpid-img953082.jpg Heading south again, we stopped at a visitors center in search of coffee. A couple of bikers recommended Christa’s a few exits down in Pineola, NC. We went. Nice place, good food and super friendly staff.wpid-20140809_131825.jpg Continued south to Asheville and found a hotel. Parked our stuff and went into town for some food and beer. Found Wild Wings Cafe. Wings weren’t the best but, the beer was good. Back to the hotel and sleep.