Black’s Gear

I opted to stick mostly with my trusty rusty gear. I have owned most of it for over ten years and have been through a lot with it.

Helmet – HJC
Jacket – Icon Neo-Daytona
Boots – Sidi Vertigo Corse
Gloves – Rev’It Phantom GTX
– Suzuki Racing Gloves
– Fox Bombers
Rain Gear – I have decided to use my combat Gore-Tex as my rain gear and it also doubles as an effective outer shell in the event we run into some cold weather


  • Warbonnet Blackbird – Camping Hammock
  • Warbonnet Edge Tarp
  • Tarp Straps
  • Warbonnet Yeti Underquilt
  • Snugpak Jungle Bag – Sleeping bag
  • Small Fleece Blanket
  • Travel Pillow
  • 6 Aluminum Stakes
  • 4 small S-Biners

Gear Update for 2015:
I replaced the Fox Bomber Gloves with Dainese Air Hero gloves. Much more comfortable, better protection and the air flow is about the same (although at double the cost).

I had my Neo-Daytona Jacket repaired and had some patches we got on the trip put on, plus my sister got me a couple patches (Sister doesn’t ride, loser).
– dude wicked hooked me up at the leather shop – no charge – and he does great work. I’ll add a link later with a new picture and details on the repairs, they were quite extensive really.
– Normally I don’t put this much into a jacket, but this was my very first jacket back in 2003, I don’t intend to ever retire it

I also picked up some Sidi Cobra GoreTex boots to replace the old Sidi’s. The Cobras are super comfortable and they’re waterproof (something that would have been cool on the big trip).

Modifying one of my Icon helmets to take a camera

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