Black Rider

Black RiderI’m 36, and I have lived a full life to this point. I have had more experiences at this point in my life than most people have their entire lives. I was in combat in Iraq back in 2004. This experience changed and defined me. After seeing how the Iraqi people lived it was difficult to come back to the US and live a normal life again. That, coupled with dealing with PTSD for ten years, and a recent divorce, caused me to change my outlook on life and ultimately was the reason for going on this trip. My brother and I both have the opportunity to go now and we are taking that opportunity while we have the chance.

Black on top of the worldThe trip was awesome, so much amazing stuff to see, too much stuff really. I could make another three or four 20000+ mile trips like this one and still not see everything that I want to see in this country. That having been said, three and a half months is a long time to be on the road, I was so tired for the last month, we never had any recovery time until we stopped for a few days in Orlando. Plus I would prefer to ride in warmer weather, riding in November is cold.

beardy pinkOn December 26th, 2014 I had a daughter. We’ll just call her the Pink Rider. Nice, healthy little monkey, she’s strong too, I figure I can have her riding by the time she’s three.

5/5/2015 Happy Mexican Independence Day!! The Pink Rider started crawling today! Viva la independencia!


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