The Ride – Prelude

We took a short trip into the northeastern states with a few destinations in mind. This partially served as a test run for our gear and ourselves.

July 16: We loaded up around noon and headed toward the Adirondack Mountains. P1060753 P1060756 We headed north to ride through Ilion gorge, route 51, on our way. Unfortunately when we arrived it was under construction and made for a crappy run through.

We stopped in Inlet to gas up. Asked the attendant if there was anywhere good to eat. He recommended Screamen Eagle just up the road. We headed out. Black tipped his bike over in the parking lot on the way out. The parking lot was steeply inclined and he couldn’t get a good footing. We should have gotten a picture, oh well.

Drinks at Screamen Eagle:


Black put his inside the helmet. Wings followed shortly after. Good stuff.

We headed northeast through the mountains. Around 7 we stopped and decided we should look for a place to camp out for the night. We are both looking on our phones and not having any luck. A state police officer drives by and we ask him if there is anywhere nearby. He says there is a free primitive camping sign just up the road a ways. We thank him and keep rolling.

We find the sign. Its off the side of the road and overgrown. A short path leads up to a closed gate. There is no where to get the bikes off the road and the whole thing kinda gives us the heebie-jeebies. We moved on.

We stopped and use phones again to try and find another place. We found one that looks promising, so we headed there. Turns out it’s a little cabin community and has no vacancy. Dammit. Its going to get dark soon. We decided to just head toward Waterbury, VT as it is our first real destination. Hopefully we will find something on the way.

On the way we came upon Eagle Point campground and pull in. There is no one in the booth. The sign says 9, its 9:08. Dammit. Kept rolling. Drove past another campground. We turned around and went in. Woo, someone here. White signs some papers and we go find a site. Its dark now. About the fifth site we looked at had decent trees to hang. Its Black’s first set up of his Warbonnet Blackbird. We finally got to bed around midnight. Sleep. Crappy pic:


We woke up early, packed up and headed out. Next stop Waterbury, VT.  Some cool roads on the way. We need to get better at taking pics. Got to Waterbury. Went to Blackback Pub. Ordered some food and a Heady Topper:20140717_144650

It’s Awesome beer by The Alchemist. Its only available in this area and it’s why we came here.

Also poked our heads into Prohibition Pig for another beer and more food. Cool logo on their napkins:


We got on toward Maine. Later, we got off an exit to start looking for somewhere to set up for the night. We noticed a sign “camping—>” just off the exit. We followed the signs and ended up at Crazy Horse Campground just outside of Littleton, NH. Lots of fun and quirky signs as we rode up the driveway. We got to the office and there was no one there. Well now what? Oh wait, a doorbell. A man comes down and checks us in. He gave white a ride down to the site and back in his golf cart. He says we can use any empty site we want. We rode down, found a site and set up. It’s dark by the time we are done. White cooked some ramen in the dark with a flashlight, its sucked. Then we realized we forgot eating utensils. We used some tongs to eat with. Sleep.

The next morning:



Black fetched some coffees from the office. We packed up and headed to the office. White washed the dishes in the bathroom sink. Meanwhile, Black met Stretch out front. He is a disabled veteran who rides. Told us if we were ever headed back up that way to look him up. We chatted with the camp owners for a while. They suggested Topic of the Town for breakfast in downtown Littleton, NH. We headed in to town. Found parking in front of Badass Outdoors and we went in to have a poke about. Met and chatted with Matt, the owner. Cool guy. He just came back from a two week trip to Panama. He gave us some helpful pointers regarding posting on the website. We went to eat breakfast at the Topic and then headed out. We took route 2, next destination: Bar Harbor, ME.

We stopped at a small park in Rumford, ME for a rest.



We continued on route 2 to Bangor and then south into Bar Harbor. It was starting to get dark by the time we got into town. We found a hotel and inquired about a room. $165 for 1 night?! We looked for other places online. Guess that’s a “good” price after all. Shitty. We took it, got our stuff into the room and then walked downtown. It’s around 11. Most places are closed. We found Bar Harbor Beerworks and went in for a few brews and some food.


Another patron ordered a shot that is orange in color. We inquired. The bartender asked if we would like one, said it’s kinda famous in the area. It’s called a Scorned Woman. Hot pepper infused vodka.


Hells yes! We have 1. 2. 3. They are damn good and get better. Somewhere in the middle of the food and drinks, Pootie Tang came up in conversation with another bartender… The first bartender mentions Cadillac Mountain, the first point the sun hits the US. It got added to the list. We stagger back to the room. Passed out.

We packed our crap and rode up to Cadillac Mountain. Awesome views:

Bar Harbor below:

20140719_105745 20140719_105753 20140719_110036

Panorama: (clicky for bigness)


We left Bar Harbor and headed north toward Lubec and Quoddy Head. Stopped in a Walmart parking lot to tighten chains but our 12mm wrench was slipping and rounding the nuts over. We were discussing purchasing a new one when this guy asked if we needed any help:


His back seat is loaded with tools and he hooked us up. Thanks dude!

It’s was a long ride up to Quoddy Head, about 2 hours, and there isn’t too terribly much scenery along the way. We missed the turn and figured it out about 20 miles beyond. We headed back and found it. Yay! Buncha pics, easternmost everything:

20140719_190905 P1060771 P1060768 20140719_175141

Easternmost picnic table!20140719_175221

Rocks:P1060812 P1060804

Easternmost CB500Xs!P1060774

Easternmost Black and White Riders!P1060822

We rode back to Ellsworth and argued on the way about where to stay, camp/hotel. It’s after 9 by the time we got there. We looked for a hotel. Stopped at a Ramada: $150. No, we bent over last night, thank you. We looked on the phones for somewhere else. Dipped into KFC to escape the massive swarms of oversized Maine mosquitoes. Had a coffee and some chicken fingers. We asked the employees if there is anywhere reasonably priced to stay a night. They directed us to Eagle’s Lodge just up the road. We went there. White went inside to ask about a room:

Two bed, $9o something. Grimace. One bed, $80. Thats better I guess… She asked what we are doing.  I(White) told her about our trip. She was excited to hear it. I introduced myself and called Black in to meet her as well. Her name is Patricia. Awesome woman. The most gracious Patricia told us we could camp out in the field adjacent to the motel.

We chatted with her for a while about various things. She told us we should meet her son if we get to Montana. It’s added to the list. We went to set up for bed. Immediately before laying down White checks the bikes and one of Black’s locks fell apart in his hand. We will fix it in the morning. Sleep.

Morning, pics of where we done slept:

White’s house:P1060825

Black’s hanging lair:P1060826

Black searches for lock components (amazingly he found the tiny pieces):P1060830

The Eagle’s Lodge:20140720_085154

We were told by Patricia that we had to meet Charity in the morning so we went in to see her. Asked her for things to do around town for a bit. Went to Woodlawn Museum on her recommendation. A 180 acre historical estate.

P1060840 P1060846 P1060834

While there, we chatted with a woman walking her dog. When we told her that we are headed to Freeport next, she burst out laughing and asked “WHY?! You guys don’t look like the outllet type.” Mostly because Maine Beer Co. is there.

We met up with cousin George and had brunch when he rolled his truck into town.

Cousin George (White has beard envy!):P1060853

Headed for Freeport. Long ride down there. We got to Maine Beer Company at almost 5 on the dot. We started to de-gear and a dude came out and pulled the flag, then locked the door and flipped the sign. All without ever saying a word to us. Ok. We got out phones and looked for a place to eat dinner. While looking, a chick came out and asked if we just wanted to get some beers. She said they can’t do a tour, but she let us in. She’s cool. We sampled a few beers on tap and got a couple to go. Pics:20140720_171347 20140720_171804 20140720_171723 20140720_172441

We asked her where to get some lobster. She said Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster. It was on a few lists of the top 10 lobster places in Maine. We went. We ate.  We enjoyed the food and the beers.P106086420140720_191108 20140720_190141

One of the employees asked us about our bikes and we chatted with him for quite a while. He showed us his sweet Audi wagon that he has done a bit of work to. Nice car. Took a few more pics:P1060856 P1060858

We hauled ass to Boston, to Andrew’s house, one of White’s good friends. On the way Black’s GPS decided to give him an exit as we are passing it. He made the exit quickly and we got separated. We reconnected and finally made it to Andrew and Julia’s around midnight. Put stuff inside. SLEEP.

Julia fed us breakfast in the morning before we headed to Provincetown. Nothing exciting along the way. 6 is a very long road. Got a few pics, should have taken more:20140721_165522 20140721_170142

Took some video too, but all the video probably wont get uploaded until later on (editing and whatnot).

We looked for somewhere to park that won’t cost us $20 dollars so we can get some food, but we had no luck. We stopped at a grocery store to get off the bikes for a bit. After a while we decided to head back and find food on the way. We found a pizza shop with its own parking lot before we even got out of town. Noms.

On the trip back it started to get cold and White realized that he left all of his warm clothing at Andrew’s place. On the way back we spotted this gem at a gas station.


Got back really late again. Sleep.

We stayed for one more day to hang out with Andrew in the evening.

Discovered this on his neighbors lawn:20140721_133637

Took a train into Boston to check out the New England Aquarium. Shoulda taken more pics.

This is Mrytle, she is around 80 years old and 550 pounds. Definitely turtle enough for the turtle club:20140708_14255320140708_145831

We were going to stop into Cheers just for the sake of going, but it was packed.

Beer and wings for dinner with Andrew and Julia. Thank you both for your hospitality. Sleep.

We loaded up and headed for Providence, RI. We got there and got a couple pics:20140723_142742 20140723_142759

We headed toward home, kinda. Stopped at Twisted Throttle in Exeter on the way. Then we blew through Connecticut and headed straight for home. Got in around 1am. Sleep.

White’s bike went in to CNY Powersports for 8k service and a new rear tire.

Some yakkin while waiting:20140727_141842 20140727_143310

White overdid it and tweaked his shoulder on the water. So bad that he couldn’t turn his head. Made a visit to the chiropractor to get tuned up.

White’s bike is done. Black’s bike got a new chain at 14.5k.

The Ride Begins:

August 4: Leaving again, finally. Woo!

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