White’s Gear

Prior to planning this trip I owned very little riding gear.  I had a couple year old HJC helmet that was 2 sizes too big, a decent pair of Icon gloves, and a heavy leather jacket with no armor or ventilation that I didn’t wear it in hot weather anyway.

I decided it would be to my benefit to purchase new riding gear:

  • Arai Signet-Q helmet
  • Under Armour skull cap
  • Sena SMH10R bluetooth communicator installed in helmet
  • REV’IT! Sand 2 jacket and pants, includes waterproof and thermal layers
  • Held Air N Dry gloves, Gore-Tex waterproof
  • Icon Pursuit Stealth gloves
  • Dianese TRQ-Tour boots, Gore-Tex waterproof

My camping gear, some new and some existing, includes the following:

  • Gregory Z55 backpack
  • CamelBak M.U.L.E. military hydration pack
  • Kammock Roo hammock with Dragonfly bug net
  • UGQ Flght Jacket 30° top quilt
  • UGQ Zeppelin 20° under quilt
  • OES MacCat Deluxe tarp
  • DAC tent stakes
  • Equinox ground cloth
  • MSR Dragonfly stove + repair kit
  • MSR 30 fuel canister
  • MSR Alpine 4 pot set, decided to only use the 2L
  • Small bottle of dish soap
  • Cheap Walmart tongs
  • Light My Fire Tritan spork
  • Morkniv camp knife
  • Buck 110 knife
  • Old heavy divers knife from my grandfather
  • GobSpark Armageddon firesteel
  • Mixed rope including Samson Amsteel and Sterling GLOcord

Clothing includes:

  • Boonie
  • Military surplus balaclava
  • Fleece cap
  • Old whooped out pair Nike Free sneakers
  • Vibram FiveFingers KSO
  • Belt
  • 3x cotton T-shirts
  • 1x long sleeve T-shirt
  • 4x underwear
  • 1x jeans
  • 2x athletic shorts
  • 1x short socks
  • 3x Under Armour HeatGear boot socks
  • 1x Smartwool PHD Snowboard socks
  • 1x Under Armour HeatGear long sleeve compression shirt
  • 2x Under Armour HeatGear short sleeve compression shirt
  • 1x Under Armour HeatGear compression leggings
  • 1x Under Armour ColdGear long sleeve compression shirt
  • 1x Under Armour ColdGear compression leggings
  • Bathing suit
  • Bath bag: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, comb

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